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Dedicated to providing your business with unparalleled service, support and delivery.
Graphic Design

Providing design services for small and large projects. Over a decade of experience developing full corporate packages, direct mail, web graphics and so much more.

Print Media

Specializing in commercial printing and publishing, DSH can manage your print deadlines and budgets producing superlative products at cost-concious prices

Technology Consulting

A consulting practice with more than 15 years of real-world experience that specializes in helping everyone from the Fortune 500 to mom and pop start-ups.

About US

Providing timely and creative services to the Tampa Bay area.
Creative. Experienced. Innovative.
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Founding Partners

Laura Maddrey
Laura Maddrey
Co-Founder, Designer and Creative Consultant
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Robert Maddrey
Robert Maddrey
Co-Founder and Senior Technology Consultant
18+ years of IT and management experience in the banking, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Freelance SMB technology consultant and managing editor of Down Shift Magazine.


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